digital in our name describes the areas in which we operate: digital visibility, digital development and digital performance.

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added in our name stands for the positive outcomes of digital transformations: added revenue, added value and added attractiveness.

We are digital natives and we value three things

Rapid changes

To justify change in the digital world, we need to quickly demonstrate results. Partly to show tangible returns but also to increase motivation for further digitization.

Sustainability as a must

We need to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. All our development is annually climate compensated.

Simplicity as a form of art

Building attractive and simple user experiences is about turning complex problems for the customer into simple decisions. We create positive experiences of your brand.

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Pictures of added employees

Oliver Lundkvist

Co founder

Making awesome websites in Webflow is not my main talent. Because I can spin a basketball on my finger for as long as I want.
Pictures of added employees

Per Albin Wilhelmsson

Co founder

In addition to my knowledge within UI/UX design, I know almost every tractor brand in the world. In the future, I want to build a sustainable and automated agriculture.
Pictures of added employees

Martin Hage


One of my talents is my memory. I remember almost every song I hear, especially rap songs. I'm also in the group Mensa.

Pictures of added employees



I am responsible for security on a part-time basis. If you're going to rob us, it's best to do it when I'm not in the office. Love long walks with Cornelia at lunch.

Pictures of added employees

Albin Carlsson

UX/UI designer

Don't take an appointment with Albin if you're not interested in sneakers. With over 30 pairs in his collection, we're considering creating added.sneakers for fun.

Pictures of added employees

Gustav Lindwall


Self-proclaimed wordsmith and racket virtuoso. Plays unhealthy amounts of padel and surfs better than well when the opportunity arises.

Pictures of added employees

David Saupe


Playing the piano is almost as much fun as programming. I create websites and systems that both look good and perform well.

Meet our years of experience

Pictures of added mentors

Mattias Aphram


Has a logical brain like few and grasps new potential problems faster than you blink. Has been automating business processes for almost ten years. Although a modeling career could have been equally successful.

Pictures of added mentors

Peter Larsson


Holds a world record in creating budgets in Excel. As a creative company, we need someone to keep track of the numbers. Thank you Evolvefy for solving this for us.